Bringing out a happy learner in a child requires that (s)he gets all the components displayed here. This figure demonstrates a procedural linkage of a child’s essential needs.

Click this Happy Learner Graphic Organizer, for the PDF link.

I believe that accountability is an effective incentive to foster a child’s academic success. Accountability brings loads of hard work and challenges a mentor’s patience. It requires receptiveness and broad-mindedness.

My blog will center on my family’s journey as we (me and my husband) support our children through successful education.

The guide I wrote about choosing the best course for our children  also applies for grown-ups. Number four encourages us to shop for available resources, but start with the ones close by. Also, search for networks, organizations, and clubs that offer scholarships or free activities. I am fortunate that my children’s charter school (River Springs Charter School) offers a wide variety of support and enrichment opportunities not only to its students, but also to parents who choose to home school their children.

The 6th Annual Curriculum Conference Presentation held on August 18, 2009 at the Pechanga Resort

My children are enrolled in a hybrid program, where they receive three days of site-based, Montessori-inspired instruction and two home school days. Opportunities for learning are everywhere; we only have to be resourceful and receptive.  In 2009, RSCS launched a Parent Certification Program.  In addition to validating many of our family’s philosophies and beliefs about education, there is no question, regarding the amount of information and insights I gained from all the classes and workshops.

My family has been blessed with tremendous learning experiences, opportunities and discoveries. I hope by this weblog I will be able to share them with other families.

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  1. Hello! You’re such a good writer, I’m so proud of you. Congrats to your new “baby”. It’s a cool thing that you can share to us all your adventures in life, especially in dealing with your kids activities. I am learning a lot. I can use it as guide in helping my kids with school. Keep it up!!!

  2. congratulations…i was amazed at your capacity to do all these for your kids…they must have been very proud of you friend!!!…looking forward for more…keep on writing,you inspire me a lot…and i really admire you…keep it up!

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