Staying in your Joy, Thoughts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a few days away, and I hope the hurriedness of everyday living doesn’t take from the excitement of the occasion. Every so often, I had to be reminded to take few extra time from my already hectic schedule to take care of myself so that I could be a better person for others, too.

Mothers often feel that everyone is a priority but themselves. As a mom, it’s not that I haven’t realized that this is an unhealthy perspective, but because of the military lifestyle and the constant geographical relocations that my family was subjected throughout my husband’s military career, I didn’t think it was realistic. I also didn’t believe that prioritizing my well being was practical. And because it would seem like it was a cultural taboo for moms to put their personal requirements above others, I also didn’t feel it was right to put my needs ahead of others including my loved ones.

Proverbs 31

Although I did try to take care of myself the best way I could, I kept falling back to feeling less important than everybody else. In the last few years, I made the decision to shed the guilt and rearranged my list of priorities. Doing this doesn’t mean that the value I put on others has now become less. What it means is because I get to purposely make the time to care for myself and my needs, I get to be a better person for others, too. And that seeing to my overall wellness also brings me to a place where I can appreciate others wholeheartedly.

Last Sunday, Kai, the lead minister and pastor in the church my family attends, finished his series of lessons on the Resurrection of Christ. It was refreshing to be retold about and relearned God’s eternal love for us. As beautiful as his sermon was, there was one line that stuck with me. He said, “Stay in your joy.”

Stay in your joy. It’s a fantastic reminder, especially, that there will alway be something – big or small, expectedly or unexpectedly – in our daily living that could shake our calmness and challenge our steadfastness. And sometimes, as a mom, it’s hard to stay in the joy when worrying about how best to protect your brood becomes the forefront of your living. It’s impossible to stay in your joy if the desire to be in control of every situation is more important than trusting in God’s infinite wisdom. There’s no way to stay in the joy if the fear becomes bigger than the faith you have in Him.

If everything comes to pass anyway, isn’t it foolish to give in to the temptation and surrender fortitude to irritation and worriedness? But what I would really love is when that thing did come to pass and then genuinely I could claim that I fought a good fight of faith to stay in my joy.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms around the world! We may not get it right all the time, but God’s not wrong for choosing us to mother our children. Let’s practice self-kindness and kindness towards one another. Let’s help each other stay in the joy.

In closing, here’s a wonderful TED talk delivered by storyteller Carmen Agra Deedy about a human connection which starred her Cuban mother and she’s called it, “You’re going to miss me.”



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