Gearing Up to a Brand New Season

It was by grace that I stumble upon this home based online travel business through a very good friend. Frankly, I didn’t start this primarily because I saw potentials for earning. Any business has possibilities for financial growth no matter how minute it may seem.

While being mostly a stay-at-home spouse and mom for two decades didn’t stop me from improving myself through reading, self-learning, attending various informal training, and being exposed to several volunteering opportunities, I know I can still do better, be better. The initial investment of $149.95 and a monthly overhead of $69.95 are money well invested considering the training, support system, and tools I get to successfully run my operation. I can’t afford to go back to school to acquire further studies, but I can get certifications, industry related memberships, training and support, and attend conventions while I develop my own business. How cool is that?

And because I’ve figured out that the monthly cost of $69.95 is doable, focusing on professionalizing my brand while slowly building my clientele is highly attainable.

My family does travels and vacations. We designed college and historical tours during our multiple cross country trips. We’ve seen parts of Europe, smiled with Mona Lisa and got up and close with the Pope. We visited many parts of the Asian continent and experienced great cultures through food and the beautiful people of various races.



We managed to keep the cost very minimally because we would schedule it either around the same time we change duty stations or while my husband goes on temporary duties or when there are military appreciation deals available.


Asia’s Largest Food and Gateway Services Network Convention in Singapore held in 2014.

Having the avenue to continue a lifestyle of healthy family bonding and still be financially responsible, all the while encouraging career development, was the massive attraction for me for taking on a home based travel business. As we soon join the retired military community, I realized the opportunities and cost of similar entertainment we’re used to enjoying as an active duty military family may not all be available anymore. The possibility of earning extra income while having fun with my family, of course, is a bonus. Hence, becoming a certified travel agent most likely makes good fiscal sense.

Decide what your motivation is and drop me a note should hosting your own online travel booking engine and running your own home based business interest you. Most likely, your familial situation is entirely different from mine. But however, different our circumstances may be, our motivations towards self-enhancement and enjoying life while being fiscally responsible all make sense to us.

Growing professionally in the process of earning money while having an active lifestyle of fun is surely a perfect blend of living, loving, and laughing! And that to me is a win-win scenario!

In the meantime, feel free to use for your travel and entertainment requirements. The site is powered by Xtreme Travel and it is partnered with Priceline, a global leader in travel.





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