Strengthening My Faith Walk

Surely, there are moments when a day could easily turn into a chaotic mess of chores and endless activities, expectations, and surprises. It could also be seen as just tangled opportunities to get better, be better. And this is not about a glass being either half full or half empty. Either way, it shouldn’t matter; the glass doesn’t have the ability to recognize it, anyway.

Shawn Achor, an author, and a happiness researcher suggests that instead of focusing on the glass, we should imagine a pitcher of water sitting next to it. In relation to that, he also says that many of us believe happiness is a result of being successful and having this mindset pushes the former over the cognitive horizon. Consequently, this undermines our motivation and productivity, because we now think that to be happy, we have to be successful.

Achor, however, believes that the backward process of success before happiness can be reversed by training our brain to become more positive.

Not only do I agree with Achor, but I also relate the paradigm to my faith walk. So when I am presented with either life defining or character-enhancing moments, it’s no longer a question of whether I identify as half full or half empty glass. Accordingly, what I do with that pitcher I imagine is relative to where my conviction lies.

Achor in his studies with his group found that the brain can be trained to become more positive. In his TED speech in May 2011, he explains, In just a two-minute span of time done for 21 days in a row, we can actually rewire your brain.”

In my case, it is important that I make it a point I have uninterrupted moments for stillness, prayers, meditation, and nothingness during the day. Although I don’t usually do all these in a single session, that particular sequence works well for me. It’s important  that I first allow everything of me be in harmony with itself (stillness) so that I could get myself to not just show up but be also ready for meaningful conversation (prayers). And then I make time to reflect upon His words (meditation). Lastly, I filter out noises and distractions to have my mind, body, and soul get much-needed rest (nothingness).

From my experience, what also helps is that I talk to different persons inside of me. You probably think that’s lunacy, but it’s not crazy talk if you had read the book, Hinds’ Feet on High Places and appreciated its allegorical sensibility. People very close to me knew that I’ve always maintained, emotional awareness and vulnerability are strengths to embrace and not weaknesses to overcome. Having said this, I also realize that the amount of worry I allow in my life is directly proportional to the degree of conviction and character of faith I possess. Worry Free

Personally, faith doesn’t just inspire me to get things done; it also gives me a high sense of hope and peace. It pushes me to get to a place of emotional contentment and clarity. It allows me the temperament and patience to demonstrate a unifying love that holds no conditions. I came a long way and had mellowed my predictable reactions towards likely disappointments. Now I have a better grip on what I call “reactive expectations,” or negative take on life’s disappointments.

I understand that getting to a place of emotional contentment and clarity is a continuing process, and some challenges are bigger than others. So when faced with half-empty and half-full glass situations, I’m aware, what I do with that pitcher of water I imagined is entirely up to me. And committing to faith strengthening exercises is a key to staying at my content, peaceful place. And by being in this state, I am assured of continued productivity and success.


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  1. when you’re happy and at peace, you are successful! nice one! <3

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