It’s okay if things aren’t according to plan

In the mission to make sure that we do things all right for our children’s happiness, we sometimes fail to see what truly makes them excited and happy. When consumed by the process of making things right when what seemed as fool-proof design  was messed up by unforeseen events, we somehow missed out on the pure joy and exuberance our kids show regardless of everything. By do things all RIGHT, I mean, things happen  according to plan: our plan.

Now and then, I check my intention when I conceptualized a family event or helped design a logical course of action for my kids. Every so often, I check whom the event is for and what the goal is about. To help me arrive at a sensible decision, I define the context of a well thought out plan. A smart plan always involve an element of flexibility, and a carefully orchestrated plan targets the bottom line. From planning birthday parties to helping our youngsters choose a career path, it’s not only sensible to examine our motives, but we should also be willing to change course if need be, and to reference every step to what you agreed as the Big Picture.





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