My Daughter’s BULLY-FREE Campaign:

Speak Up! Club, is a service group, tasked to promote anti bullying, that my 9th grade high schooler is working hard to get established and approved before the school year ends.

From birth to start of her adolescent years, I have provided her with a hugely strong physical, moral, academic, and emotional presence and support. I believe she has the fundamentals somewhat mastered already. She needs to put it to a test, though. And mom and dad have to give her the leeway to do so – no matter how strong the urge is to step in and do what usually protective parents think is right for her.


For some time now, I have been allowing 9th grade daughter, within reasons, to challenge the strength of her character. I am still that loving mom who stood side by side with her, no matter what. Although I have stepped back a little, she knows her family will always remain as her cushion when she falls badly. As long as she needs it, her daddy and I will continue to offer her guidance and structure.


She will make mistakes. I hope and pray that they are all good ones. Good mistakes that strengthen character and build a better person in her. I am certain that there will be times when she’d be resentful, unsure, or even angry. She will be hurt. She had been…Many times. She will face many frustrations. She’s already dealing with some. She will have detractors; nowadays the youth call it, “HATERS”. She dealt with a few already. Still, she’s a teen in many ways, but I am proud of the grace she generally showed in the face of unsavory situations. Grace. Grit. Will to carry on.  These are traits rarely seen from young girls her age.


Oh, there were moments when I wanted to remove the burden off her shoulders and hold it myself. Fortunately, I’m convinced, that is not what mothering is about. Mothering is helping my daughter grow and launch the strengths she needs to be her own person.

I am publishing the following open message for my lovely daughter. I am hoping she succeeds on her latest endeavor.

Press on my darling daughter. I will support you, and push you to continually stretch the boundaries of your perceived limits. It may not be your most preferred way, but know that I will always choose to pull you from the front. That’s the only way I could be helpful when you are in need of a loving drive,  at times when you think all is left is just give up. That’s the only way to pull you and move forward at the same time.

I hope this time; you get not just sympathetic support, but the actual physical and documentation help you need to make your ANTI-BULLYING campaign be officially at the front and center of Singapore American School. Congratulations on getting the verbal go signal from the Counselor’s office to spearhead the official anti-bullying club in your school next year!

You have worked so hard. You got out of your comfort zone and spoke to hundreds of high school students in the Philippines to promote awareness against bullying.  In this day and age, where conforming and being just a by-stander are always the preferred choices, you  chose courage over conformity. You elected to make a stand against something that is not so popular.

You are half-way to making your campaign be officially recognized at your school! CARRY ON. Some will gossip. CARRY ON. Some will doubt. CARRY ON. Some will stand in your way. CARRY ON. No one promise you that it will be easy. I assure you, it is POSSIBLE.


Stay happy and don’t be scared to be silly! Infect others with your joy. LIVE LOVE LAUGH. I love you!



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