Raising Children of Character: Pushing Boundaries, Creating Possibilities

My son, Chace, is no Reggie White, Randy Moss, or Tom Brady. Nonetheless, he is endowed with tenacious spirit and courage to continually challenge his comfort zone. As parents, my husband and I, help him push boundaries and destroy barriers while he creates space for possibilities. It is not about attaining excellence and perfection; it is for developing maturity, stability and elegant sportsmanship. Above all, we want our son to be as happy and as fulfilled as he can be while he makes strong connections with the world he builds.

SACAC World League FOOTBALL 2013

SACAC World League FOOTBALL 2013

Chace, 15, stands at 5’10”. He is scrawny and does not care much for weights and muscle toning. He is aware he has to start a regular workout. As a consequence, he flexes whatever time he can spare from his already tight high school schedule to do so.

Although he likes to play, he is aware that he does not fit into any high school football player prototypes. He knows his capabilities as well as his limits. He may pause and seem disinterested at times, but he works hard and patiently presses on when he commits to something. Most of the time, he is aware at what he can do, and he is comfortable at knowing what he is not. He is not a super athlete. He knows there are better players than him, in terms of strength and physique, and he is not intimidated by this.

Along the way, Chace may make missteps. Or ocassionally, he may suffer losses. His generally sensible ways, however, will bring him  enduring successes more than just winning moments.

John Wooden, UCLA legendary basketball coach on Winning and Succeeding:

“…I coined my own definition of success, which is: peace of mind attained through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you’re capable…It’s like character and reputation. Your reputation is what you’re perceived to be; your character is what you really are. And I think, your character is much more important than what you are perceived to be.”

Here’s Coach Wooden’s TED talk. He was a basketball coach icon, not football; but the philosophies and the life lessons he taught were universal in value.

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