I am No Super Mommy

I am not a super mom. I am only a mom who tries to make every situation super!

I am not a super mom. I am only a mom who tries to make every situation super!

First, I wish all mothers an extraordinarily happy mother’s day!

It is a cliché to say that motherhood is the hardest job. Without a doubt, it is! I had been involved in grassroots organizations when I was a student and a budding college graduate. I have gone a long way since then. From working as a facilitator, community speaker, a guidance counselor, fast food manager, and district manager of a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines to now being a full-time CEO of my family, and a military family, no less!

Hands-down, being a mother is the most trying of all. I became a skilled juggler and handler of all sorts of activities and developed into a seasoned traveler and geographical transplantee, in my almost 18 years as a military spouse and nearly 16 years as a mother. In countless deployments, I also stood as a dad to my kids. I did all these all the while continuing to do my small part in the huge community we live. However, let me point out that I am not a super mom.


My perspective about how I live and how I mother continuously evolves. I am thankful for all the blessings and challenges that come my way. I believe my motherhood is about raising my kids to live to their full potentials and to help them make connections with the world as a whole. For now, I am the prime architect of their overall education. Still, this does not make me a super mom.

My stewardship is never centered on religion, race, culture, or political beliefs.

Giving back to the community, using their God-given gifts, thinking less of their worries and looking at how they can make the world a better place for them and their children’s children is the life I want my four fabulous children to embrace and the legacy I hope for them to build. This is the pulse of my motherhood. This is the essence of the life experience I want them to get. Nonetheless, none of these qualifies me as super mom.

Always, I push past people’s doubt and ignore continual scrutiny from others. I am sure; motherhood is about inspiring my brood to be at their best without requiring them to be anything but happy. Oh, it is arduous work. I am aware that even in the face of backbreaking tasks and no-rest occasions, I should come out looking graceful and relaxed. Sometimes I do not, and that is okay because I am not a super mom. I am a mom who only tries to make every situation super.

Kudos to all the military mothers! Cheers to all the moms around the world!

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