Do you have the right teacher for your student?


Although, it is true that education starts at home, every family needs to partner with educators who share the same learning goal for the student.  

In today’s era of IPads, weblogs and online social media, we need a globally competitive educational system, championed by visionary educators who clearly see their role in grooming the next generation of world leaders and innovators.  

Being a parent, it is empowering to not only know whether my child’s teachers and I are on the same team, working for the same goal; but also whether we are moving in the same direction. Knowing there is a huge disparity in the fundamentals between my school partners will help me easily decide what is best for my students.


Click here to see the Types of Teachers according to student-teacher academic interaction in pdf format.



With four children, my family probably dealt with more than 50 teachers, past and present, combined. Identifying the right partner teachers for each of my global student is not easy without categorizing them, based on what I believe are necessary components educators should possess to promote my children’s academic and overall success.

Considering my children’s needs, global trends, and the information from the table, Types of Teachers, I found out I need to team up with a teacher who possesses the combined characteristics of an effective educator and a mentor-educator.


Bring on The Learning Revolution by Sir Ted Robinson

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